8liens Origins

3 min readMar 17, 2022

Ethereals are the first 9 8liens that ever existed. Their age is unknown to us as it is not measurable in their space-time dimension. They are the only known beings with the ability to fold space and time to travel through dimensions. How they developed this ability is unknown- perhaps they evolved or were created?

They are the openers of dimensional portals for the 8lien race. Once closed, these portals can’t be travelled through without having a vessel.
Do they look this way due to being nearly immortal or is it due to meddling with the laws of nature? The ethereals are the most powerful 8liens, and perhaps more powerful than any living beings.

8liens have been spawned by the ethereals for travel to other dimensions. Their main purpose is exploration and discovery. There are 6 different sub-species and they do not have genders. They also possess different !vibes and abilities.

Tetrabots, or BOTs, consist of a group of 88 highly intelligent 8liens obsessed with technology. They created advanced AIs which ultimately led them to morph themselves with machines in order to maximize their full potential.
The mysterious screen on top of their heads were their way of communicating with the outside world using imagery rather than speaking- is this to avoid divulging their secrets to other 8liens? 8lien civilization has increased in leaps and bounds thanks to the BOTs, however no more than 88 can ever exist for fear they may one day threaten even the ethereals.

Xenomorphs are perhaps the most intriguing part of the 8lien civilization. What we know is that they clearly came from another planet in another galaxy. They were genetically engineered by someone to be perfect killing machines- used to exterminate whatever civilization existed on a planet to prepare it for colonization. When they were sent to the 8th dimension somehow they encountered the ethereals and were tamed. To our knowledge no other being has ever tamed a Xenomorph before. How did they enter the 8th dimension? perhaps it has something to do with 888…

Tritons are the explorers of all 8 dimensions. They often are sent together with their arch-rivals, the Xenomorphs, to new galaxies on behalf of the ethereals. They are more interested in learning about new civilizations rather than destroying them. Philosophers at heart, they are skilled in diplomacy and negotiations, and find the brute violence of the Xenomorphs repulsive. Their relationship with the Xenomorphs is complicated as they also rely on their protection. The 8liens look up to the Tritons, known for their morals and emphasis on education.